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Hi there, Any track you would share to Facebook now cannot be played on Facebook. Rather, you'll be forwarded to the track on SoundCloud directly. Tracks that have been shared a long time ago might still play directly, and it looks like there are attempts by third party developers to provide an alternative option as well. Hope this helps Cheers Mathis.

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Help other community members find useful content by clicking the like button and selecting the best answer to your question. SetP I've noticed this too, Were you able to figure this out? I found that I don't get the embed at first when I post a link to FB, but after a few minutes I'll try posting again and the embed appears with a media player. Maybe FB hasn't had time to add the page to it's opengraph and realize it's an embeddable piece of media? John Martine. Soundcloud dropping the embedding feature on FaceBook was the sole reason for not renewing my account.

What a joke. Dj Puzzle Official. Yeah it's intermittent. I had it working yesterday now it's not.

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Player looked like the pic posted above. I tried several times today but now it's not working again. If there is doubt whether Facebook fetches the correct information from SoundCloud, you can use their debugging tool to make sure their cache is up to speed. Scott Benton. This is the 1 reason I will move my songs to another site. They are worried about data.

This is something we need to think about if we want people listening to our tracks on FB. The tracks HAVE to stream within the timeline. If anyone is going to listen to something new it has to be simple, click and play and not start opening new browser tabs. This is turning in to a sound cloud deal breaker for me. I may have to move out of the neighborhood. I don't want to. I don't have any other complaints. Very Frustrating. Many people just will NOT click an external link to hear a tune posted in the timeline of facebook.

Is there ANY solution to this out there??? Whenever I try and share just one track to Facebook, it does it but keeps playing all the tracks I have. How do stop this, or can it? Strongly concur with the other posters.

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Rather than bring people to Soundcloud's site, all this is going to accomplish is far fewer people listening to my music. The FB post doesn't even indicate to them that there's playable media, I'd have to provide instructions every time, and even if I did, nobody leaves their FB feed to check things out. Does Soundcloud really think the way to succeed is by giving its users less? In interviews, Soundcloud said this "offers your listeners a better experience" which is a flat-out lie Making them leave their FB feed to listen to my music on an external site, any external site, is a worse experience for them, absolutely regardless of what that site offers when they get there.

IF they get there. Which they won't. I'm willing to bet money that Soundcloud's internal metrics show that music shared to Facebook gets fewer listens now than before they stopped the embeds. I'm looking for another audio hosting site, one that actually helps me put my music in front of listeners, not hides it from them and makes demands of them in order for them to listen to it. That doesn't work and it doesn't help me. Any producers wanna give me a chance? A Servant of The Author. I too need a site that can play audio in the post.

Soundcloud was that site, now it is not.

I was doing all this to my FB profile page as opposed to a fan page. I'm on a mac using safari. You mean the greyish layer above the player? Thanks — Yes, this is the layer we need to put over it.

Afraid there's no other way around it — definitely not a bug: Facebook will remove them entirely and replace the boxes on the wall by tabs. Nothing we can do about that. Trying to add my set to the new app. The search is a bit rubbish isn't it? Seems to 'OR' all the words so a search for my name returns everything with a 'paul' in there but not me and the set name has common words like 'what' and 'you' in it, so it also returns a bunch of irrelevant crap. Searching for my username returns: Even though sets were returned in my other searches….

Any idea? Could you click the plus sign and type in SoundCloud in the search box that opens after clicking? This should do the trick.

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I'm a singer songwriter. Not sure how this works.

Can a fan listen for free? Sample or entire track? Can they download for free? How do they buy a download. Also I would like publishers to be able to download free. Is there a way to do this with this app? Fans will be able to listen for free and if they want to buy, they click the buy links and get redirected. Thanks a lot! This was very useful. I have always wondered if it is possible to change the order of the tracks?


Soundcloud is amazing-and this is another reason why. I'm looking forward to trying this new Facebook app. That would be a big help….. If the player has the tracks listed in reverse chronological order when you choose an artist , then many people will be upset that their songs are viewed and saved to profiles in an order which they do not wish them presented to the public.

At least when someone's viewing your Soundcloud, you can choose the Sets tab to show up default. With the Facebook player, you have no control. I just did the integration and worked perfectly fine: I suggest you update the Widgets page of your website — http: Now I'm irritated with Facebook for disabling it and with you for not updating your website. For more references, see the Facebook Developer Roadmap: However, all my settings on soundcloud are public and i have allowed the track to be 'made available to widgets…'.

Two things, first I added the drop box and track player to my facebook, and they came up as tabs, cool, as I am assuming it cannot go alongside your wall anymore? Not so worried about that. I uploaded a track to test everything but now I want to remove it.

It will work for single tracks only but not for any of my sets. Is there a way to add other peoples tracks that have already been uploaded to your set and not have to upload them yourself? If I do upload them myself and add a link to a location to buy is that infringing any copyright laws? Sorry if either of these questions have already been answered. This has also happen on my last two tracks, any suggestions on how to either find or get facebook to recognise the direct URL?

What Soundcloud is basically telling you is that you can no longer view their cool little widgets on your facebook walls. This is a disaster for Soundcloud…. The really bad news?