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The Samsung Galaxy Y is now available in Philippines. Samsung Galaxy Y price details are updated February The Galaxy Y knows its target market, and it aims to deliver what matters to the young ones and the newbies to the smartphone arena. The Galaxy Y is a smartphone that mainly focuses on social skills and connectivity because its strongest feature its ability to connect to a wireless network and browse the internet and social media. Another feature that can be greatly enjoyed in this device is its multimedia function like audio and video playback. As for its video player, it is plain and simple but could already do the job as it supports many of the basic video formats, except for DivX or XviD videos due to its hardware limitations.

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One of the earliest innovative features from Samsung is one of the key features of Galaxy Y. Users can simply slide their fingers from one letter to another in order to type a word. However, 2MP is not so bad for a 3. See More. Samsung Galaxy Series. Other Samsung Products. Samsung Mobile Phones. Mobile Phones. Recommended at Galleon. Cheapest Offer.

Go to Shop. Includes Standard SD Adapter. Swype Messaging One of the earliest innovative features from Samsung is one of the key features of Galaxy Y.

Small screen makes it difficult to use. Say you wanted to get acquainted with Android and all of the things Android can do but don't want to break the bank. The Samsung Galaxy Y is not the best option when you are looking for an Android handset at this price range. The 2 megapixel camera is a puzzle since the Galaxy Mini had 3 megapixels, so the price is not really an excuse to use this low resolution camera. They are also noticeably faster too. Admittedly, the Samsung Galaxy Y have redeeming features like Android 2.

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Pde patulong kung paano ma save ung apps sa sd card …. Though it is an low-end budget phone, it can still compete with high-end phones. What does S2 or the iPhone has to offer that the totoro does not have? I did a review myself about its limitation and how to easily fix the device limitations http: It was so amazing!!

It was the most cheapest android! I wanna buy it if my mother will permit me! The Alcatel maybe a good alternative for this phone, in regards with the specs and performance but people will also think of its resale value as hindi ganun kalaki yung market ng Alcatel in the Philippines. Alcatel on the other hand has bigger screen size and this is the advantage that the unit has. Im not a Samsung nor Alcatel fanboy but again in my opinion, Alcatel has the advantage in terms of comparison with Galaxy Y over the price range.

The smaller screen size is no excuse — the Xperia X8 managed much higher pixel quality with the same screensize a long time ago and is even available now for roughly the same price as the Galaxy Y. If you really need an Android phone on a budget and would be able to save up P6K for it, I suggest saving up another P1-P1.

I have few complaints, such as camera quality not good, sometimes if not most of the time it lags. I think TB just wrote what he thinks about the phone. When I got the phone, I was not expecting something great because of the price it came with and I downgraded from an Iphone 4. Just my two cents. Good review! Natawa naman ako sa violent reactions. I am trying to be objective here. The screen is bad, the camera is bad. Since you are asking for an alternative, check out the Alcatel Blaze Glory N.

There is a photo above. I will also review this unit. First impressions? The price is P Hater si kuya boy na blogger. I can see a Samsung hater here. I have bought mine a month ago and I have no problem with the unit. Samsung Galaxy Y is the best Android phone in the price range of 6K under.

Maybe this guy reviewed s different phone. I bought it 1 month ago. I have read forums as well and they were very satisfied with the phone.

The screen may be small but typing on it came very fast and easy after a few days even I have big thumbs. How can you compare a entry level from a high end smartphone? Torque technobaboy? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. Wrap Up The Samsung Galaxy Y is admittedly attractive, not because it has solid features but because of its price. MichaelFritz 1 year ago Reply. MarkDiola1 5 years ago Reply. Samsung Magkanu nlng ba galaxy y ngayun. Magkanu nalng po ba ngayun to. Samsung 6 years ago Reply. Emp Martinez 6 years ago Reply.

Samsung Galaxy Y Price in Philippines & Specs

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