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Read More can be complicated.

How to Restore from a Nandroid Backup in TWRP

You need different tools to handle different tasks — some of which you can do on your phone, while others need a connection to a computer. FlashFire is that app. It flashes ROMs, makes backups, and even installs factory images without losing root. Exploring CWM, TWRP, and Friends If you've ever considered tinkering with your Android device, you've probably read that you need to flash a custom recovery onto it before you can do anything serious.

Backup Android Phone To Your PC ─ TWRP Backup Tool [Win/Mac/Linux]

But, that begs some questions. Read More. It just works like any other app. Installing a custom ROM is the best way to do that -- powering it up with even better performance and features. You need that backup at the ready. Read More so much quicker and easier. These include the ability to flash official firmware images on the device without needing to connect it to a PC, and the ability to create backups that you can restore via Fastboot — which makes recovering from problems super simple.

FlashFire is a root app that you can download for free from the Play Store. These blue light filter apps for Android will help you get a better night's sleep, even when using your device at night. Read More CF.

Obviously, supporting developers financially is the preferred option, since it encourages them to keep working on their products. As always, make sure you have backups available before you attempt to flash anything.

How to Make a Nandroid Backup in TWRP

The app now opens into the Actions screen. FlashFire enables you to make full backups of your device. These backups are designed to be restored through the app, but also include a TWRP-compatible file that you can restore through a custom recovery in an emergency How to Unbrick Your Android Phone: Under Location , select where you want to save your backup.

It will go to internal storage by default. Next, add a descriptive name, then choose what you want to include in your backup. All the actions are shown in their own individual cards — swipe them away to remove them. The whole process takes quite a while, and the screen will go black along the way. Then tap the check mark, followed by Flash to begin.

Just flash that to restore your phone. You can also make a Fastboot-compatible backup in FlashFire.

How to create full rom backup with or without data [stock or custom]

The process is basically the same as making a normal backup, only you need to be sure to select Fastboot as your backup type. The backup is in the form of a ZIP file with a flash-all script included inside. You need to copy the backup to your desktop computer and restore it via the Fastboot app.

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Read More to get up to speed. One of the things that makes FlashFire more usable than a custom recovery is that you can queue multiple actions and have them all executed in one go. If that doesn't do it for you, let me know your phone model in the comments.

How To Nandroid Backup And Restore (for Android)

Within a few seconds, you'll be greeted by Android's bootloader menu pictured below. From here, use your volume buttons to highlight the "Recovery Mode" option, then press the power button to select it. After that, you see a list of check boxes—make sure that the "Boot," "System," and "Data" options are selected here. Finally, just swipe the slider at the bottom of the screen to start the backup process, which can take as long as 15 minutes.

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When it's done, simply tap "Reboot System" to wrap things up. At this point, you can rest a bit easier knowing that your ROM, apps, and all associated data are safely backed up note that files saved on your SD card or internal storage are not included in the backup. You'll want to repeat this process every so often to ensure that you always have a recent NANDroid backup on standby. Should you ever need to fix a software problem with your phone, your NANDroid backup serves as a restore point.

Backup Android Phone To Your PC | TWRP Backup Tool [Win/Mac/Linux]

That means that when you restore the backup, every setting, app, and Android-related file will revert to the way it was when you made the backup. From here, select your backup from the list it will be named based on the date it was created , then simply swipe the slider at the bottom of the screen.

The restore process can take up to 15 minutes, but when it's done, just tap "Reboot System" and everything will be back the way it was. File exists. First of all this is my first time doing this and I have a oneplus 3t and there is no recovery option mode. So please help.