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Version 1. Software license By installing, downloading, copying, distributing, or using this program, you agree to be bound by the terms of the Medieval Freeware License. If you do not agree to the terms of the Medieval Freeware License , do not download, or uninstall if already installed, this program! Friend sites. Polls What's the best method to communicate with your phone?

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Share music, videos, images and any file with your friends using Bluetooth! Works on almost all Android-phone models and brands no root permissions, hacking or modding are required. Send contacts and applications over Bluetooth! Unique multilanguage user-interface powerful language manager by Medieval.

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It's totally free of charge freeware the power of Bluetooth on Android OS. Android 2. You can create a folder shortcut on desktop home-screen to fast access your files without opening the program;.

Transferring files from PC to Android via Bluetooth

You can stream data from a Bluetooth device to play your favorite files without download them first;. Obtain detailed informations about an item including MD5 and CRC32 calculation files and total space occupied folders ;. Values from the item informations dialog can be copied into system clipboard for later use like MD5 or CRC32 values ;. Hero A Tattoo A Galaxy GT-i Moment SPH-m Added coarse location permission to enable Bluetooth device search on Android 6.

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You can now remove advertising from this application by purchasing "Medieval Licensing System" on the Android Market! You can now change zoom level also on list view mode of file explorers check corner button on top-left ;. Public Bluetooth identity, aka discoverable name, can now be changed: Improved security: When you minimize the application during a long operation, the notification bar will now be used;.

You can now paste items from context menu, by long-pressing over an item or over empty area of the file view;. File name collision is now handled: Added "archive integrity check" functionality: Added the ability to create Zip legacy 2. Added the ability to open and extract Zip legacy 2. Discoverable dialog is no longer shown automatically: Thumbnails are now automatically shown also with "list view" but Bluetooth page still requires a manual switch to "thumbnail view";.

Bluetooth File Transfer (Android) - v5.61

System receiving service is now bypassed in order to receive any file type without restrictions can be disabled from settings ;. Bluetooth File Transfer allows you to exchange files between your Android phone and any other Bluetooth-enabled device. The application lets you browse, explore and manage the files of any Bluetooth-ready device. It has some smart file management capabilities too, allowing you to create, delete, and rename files and folders on your phone. Share files in a pinch. Bluetooth File Transfer is incredibly easy to use.

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The program is able to automatically turn on Bluetooth when you start it, and it allows you to connect to detected devices with a single click. The interface is split into two tabs — one for local files and the other for remote files. To transfer a file using Bluetooth File Transfer all you need to do is browse to its location on your phone, tick the box next to its name, then choose 'Upload' from the pop-up menu. Once the other Bluetooth device has granted permission for the file to be received, it will be transferred.

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The process works in a similar way in reverse, although this time you choose 'Download' from the menu in the remote device tab. The great thing about Bluetooth File Transfer is that it lets you transfer multiple files at the same time. While Bluetooth File Transfer is simple enough to grasp, the user interface is a bit ugly and looks old fashioned. With a lick of paint the app will be super slick. Painless file transfers. Bluetooth File Transfer provides a simple and quick way of exchanging files between mobile devices and PCs.

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